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Reasons not to compete

In my last article, I wrote about the good and bad reasons for a competition. Of course there is also a couple of good, as well as bad reasons why you should not participate in a competition. This it will be the topic of this article …

In contrast to many other countries, for example Thailand, everybody has a choice, whether he fights or not. We are not financially dependent on getting into the ring. It […]

Reasons to have a martial arts competition

If you are training in combat sports like Boxing, Muay Thai, M.M.A. or Karate, then you will surely come to a certain point were you think about trying out your learned techniques in a competition.

As with almost everything in life, there are good and bad reasons to compete. Just as there are also good and bad reasons not to participate in a competition. In the past I had good and bad excuses to not have a fight. […]

The different styles of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is known as the martial art of the 8 limbs. This means that you have 8 “weapons” to attack your opponent or defend his attacks.

As you get deeper into the Muay Thai, you will quickly notice that there are different styles in this combat sport, especially if you are training and fighting in Thailand. At a certain level, it is no longer enough to simply blow a few punches, kicks or knees. There […]