Fear of fighting

If you are training martial arts and participating in competitions, or if you are a beginner and you are a sparring wi9th more experienced partners, then you probably know that feeling…


You are not alone … […]

Muay Thai vs. Muay Boran

If one thinks about fighting sports and Thailand, he has most probably directly to the Muay Thai in his mind. Since it is a competition-based sport, there are, as in every other sport, fixed rules to follow.

Muay […]

Muay Thai und Muay Boran – 6 Techniken Tutorial –

Diese Woche gibt es mal einen etwas anderen Beitrag auf, mal etwas mehr praxisbezogen, anstatt die ganze Zeit nur langweiliges Geschwätz 😉

Bei Lanna Fighting in Chiang Rai und Phayao haben wir ein paar Techniken […]

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