Hello, I am Christoph and am currently on the trip of my life, which hopefully never ends. My roots are in the Rhine-Main Area in Western Germany. Although I have a very strong bond with the place where I am from, the curiosity is so great that I always have to leave to explore the world.

My great passions are on the one hand, clearly and obviously, martial arts. Especially traditional martial arts, but also competitions. Furthermore, I love to travel and get to know foreign cultures. With this project, I am combining my two passions.

What can you expect on A Warriors Journey?

Come with me on a unique journey around the world. The complete trip of A Warriors Journey is about exploring modern and lost martial arts. During this trip, I renounce as good as possible using airplanes for transportation, in order to gain more insight into the respective cultures.

The first trip led me from Central Europe overland to Dubai and from there to Sri Lanka. The second trip will focus on Southeast Asia and ultimately end in Australia. For this journey, I have set myself no time limit, So you can expect plenty of articles and videos about lost and forgotten martial arts, individual travelling and unconventional lifestyle.

Visited Countries


How the idea “A Warrios Journey” was evolved:

My first world trip dreams I had roughly at 14. In the year 2004 I started my first “great” tour. With just 17 years, I explored Europe, quite classic with the Interrail Ticket. This trip has infected me and I planned to do everything possible to be more on the road.

Unfortunately, the plan somehow went backwards. I thought with an apprenticeship as a construction mechanic and a degree in aerospace engineering I could work anywhere in the world. Perhaps this is possible, but in most cases, unfortunately, not independent of the location.

About 10 years later, I found myself in a conventional life that many people probably dream of. Secure job, good salary, decent work-life balance with 35 hours week, pleasant environment with family and friends, etc. … I dont want to complain about my old life, I was well, but I was missing something!

The realization of my dreams and passions that I had in my head for so many years!

The call for freedom, self-determination and adventure was greater than the sense of security and the urge make a big. That is why I decided to quit my safe job as a project engineer in the aerospace industry and put my dreams into practice.

Since July 2015, I am on a world trip and report about my passions, TRAVEL, FIGHT, LIVE, on my blog www.warriors-journey.com

 Who travels the world to get beaten up?

From a sportive point of view, my focus has been on Muay Thai all the years, but there have been excursions into other martial arts, like…

With my journey, I would like to give all those who have stayed at home an insight into martial arts, which are only dare or not known at all in the western world. In addition, I would like to show that martial arts also unite the people around the world and ensure peace, rather than “fight” or “war”.

I hope to inspire you with my plans and my story, and that you follow me on my trip!