The different styles of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is known as the martial art of the 8 limbs. This means that you have 8 “weapons” to attack your opponent or defend his attacks.

As you get deeper into the Muay Thai, you will quickly notice that there are different styles in this combat sport, especially if you are training and fighting in Thailand. At a certain level, it is no longer enough to simply blow a few punches, kicks or knees. There […]

Krabi-Krabong -Thai Weapons-

As a martial artist, you will most probably know what Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) is . In a previous article, I also shown to you, what Muay Boran, the traditional weaponless martial arts of Thailand, is.

In addition to the competition-based Muay Thai and the defense-oriented Muay Boran, there is still a third, weapon-based martial art which has it’s origin in the Kingdom of Siam (today’s Thailand). The Krabi-Krabong.
Krabi-Krabong, means short and long-range weapons, various weapons will be taught and […]

Muay Thai vs. Muay Boran

If one thinks about fighting sports and Thailand, he has most probably directly to the Muay Thai in his mind. Since it is a competition-based sport, there are, as in every other sport, fixed rules to follow.

Muay Thai is often classified as a traditional fighting style, which is also true on one side. However, the Thaiboxing, as we know it nowadays, exists only since the 1920’s. At that time rules were introduced step by step to equalize the […]